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Donald Zelman

Eileen Shimony

Sanjay Patel

Katherine Halinski

Renee Merkur

Honey Backman

Michael Stember


Frank Fuggio

Vilma Cabrera

Noni Heinemann

Claudia Aguirre

Kim Dubin

Evie & Cami Merkur

Craig Miller


Brian Kopelowitz

Cheryl Zuckerman

Peter Fain

Debra Zelman

Maria Damato

Peter Weisberg

Richard Drath

Jessica and Brian Street

Alan Merkur

Jason Boening

Steven Elkin

Judy Trop

Suzan Nesom Whaley

The Art Resource, Inc.

We would like to take a moment to thank all those that donated to our many programs during 2012. We are so proud and blessed to have amazing people believe in us.


Here is a list of those that deserve our many thanks.

SHCF 2012 Donor List
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