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Chris Provost-Heron

Evie & Cami Merkur

Jill Dubin

Kim Dubin

Nicole Provost-Heron

Claudia Cardenas

Mike & Stacey Stember

Mitch & Jen Fisher

Alan & Sheila Merkur

Sanjay and Puja Patel

Peter Weisberg

Arny Cohen

David and Amanda Pollok

Jamie and Fran Nattis

Anais Cowley

David and Marion Dombrowski

Lonny and Jessica Anger

Steven and Cheryl Zuckerman

Craig Kaplan

Steve Elkin

Madelyn Zelman

Peter and Jen Fain

Craig Miller

Performance Team

Audrey and Robet Siegel

Ken Josephy

Scott Langer

Fran Davidman

Neil Friedman

Patrick and Kate Halinski

Allen and Mary Ann Merkur

Debbie Kellogg

Rob and Jill Natkin

Linda Palma

Bill and Stacey Klein


Gary amd Andrea Rosner

Jason and Martine Rosenstein

Samantha and Hayley Siegel

Seth Siegel and Paola Andrade

Francisco and Sandy Urbistando

Debbie's Dream Foundation

Andrew and Marissa Siegel

Jamie and Jen Kaufman

Jenilee Clements

Atiya Sewell

Claudia Aguirre

Josh & Gail Block

Branden Samuels

Pembroke Park Affordable Housing

Brian and Joanne Johnson

Foundation Arts

SHCF 2013 Donor List

We would like to take a moment to thank all those that donated to our many programs during 2013. We are so proud and blessed to have amazing people believe in us.


Here is a list of those that deserve our many thanks.

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