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Evie and Cami Merkur

Peter Weisberg

Steve, Cheryl, Hannah & Myla Zuckerman

Glen Levine

Steve Elkin

Peter Fain

Chris McKeever

Anger Family

Doug Cohen

Travis & Turner Hupfeld

Joel and Annetta Merkur

Cory Papunen

Brian Street

Olivia Lender

Marty & Renee Merkur

Doria Camaraza

The Zelman/Guttman Family


Sanjay Patel

Andrew Siegel

Claudia Aguirre

Theresa & Jose Villanueva

Katherine Halinski

Al & Jenny Gittens

Lilly & Associates International

Michael Siegel

Carmen Mariana Ferrer

Performance Team

Darrin Dingman

Scott and Barry Langer

David and Meg Lazarus

Mollie Jenny and Haley

Stacy Studnik

Michael Stember

SHCF 2011 Donor List

We would like to take a moment to thank all those that donated to our many programs during 2011. We are so proud and blessed to have amazing people believe in us.


Here is a list of those that deserve our many thanks.

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